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  • 31/12/04 Happy New Year 2005

    Hello everybody,

    TriviaSecurity Team wishes you all a very happy and prosperous

    [size=18]New Year 2005.[/size]

    May the New Year bring happiness and peace in all our lifes... :wink:

    Its been almost more then two years since TriviaSecurity was born we had it all, ups and downs but notting kept us down forever. 2004 had lots DoS attacks & packets flowing here and there. Well hopefully this is over now and 2005 will be different and we expect peace and harmony on our site. But if somebody tries to break our peace i can assure that you that the actions will be taken one way or another!

    Having said that much i'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2005 again and thanks for visiting in 2004. We have some supprises stored for the new year so please stay tunned...

  • Re: Happy New Year 2005 By spin at Jan 09, 2005
    Happy New Year everyone :D
  • Re: Happy New Year 2005 By SilentWolf at Jan 02, 2005
    I went to a local lan lock-in. Unfortunately there were only 4 people that showed up that were good at counter-strike including me. There were like 20 kids below the age of 14 that we played 4v8 and then proceeded to steal their money. :twisted:
  • Re: Happy New Year 2005 By defusion at Jan 02, 2005
    last year was more drinking, this year it was just hanging around with friends, so you guess :lol:
  • Re: Happy New Year 2005 By derekdan at Jan 02, 2005
    ok the parties & drinks are finished now....damnn it was one hell of a party... It was one of ma best new years eve.. i think.. :shock: drank straight for 2 days... What about everyones? was it better or ?.
  • Re: Happy New Year 2005 By sudden_mischief at Jan 01, 2005
    Happy New Beer to everyone! :D
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